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  • Airport

    Fairfield County Airport is owned and operated by Fairfield County. The General Aviation Airport has a 5243’ X 100’ paved runway and 30 hangars available for rent.

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  • Assessor

    Welcome to the Fairfield County Assessor’s Office. We welcome the opportunity to serve the citizens of Fairfield County, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

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  • Auditor

    The duties and responsibilities of the Fairfield County Auditor are prescribed primarily in Title 12 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina and within the regulations as established by the South Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Comptroller General.

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  • Clerk of Court

    The Court of Common Pleas is the court of general jurisdiction over civil cases in Fairfield County except those cases in which the amount or value of property in dispute is less than $7,500. Cases involving money or property totaling less that $7,500 are heard in Small Claims Magistrate’s Courts.

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  • Community Development

    The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to sustain acceptable community standards that provide for the overall health, safety, and welfare of the community in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

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  • Coroner

    The Coroner is a county official who is elected to serve a four year term. The Coroner has jurisdiction over all deaths investigated by his office.

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  • County Council

    The Fairfield County Council is the elected governing body of Fairfield County.

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  • Detention Center

    We are committed to protecting the community, staff, inmates, and property while remaining fiscally responsible in meeting the needs of Fairfield County.

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  • Emergency Management

    Fairfield County Emergency Management supports emergency responders and our citizens in their effort to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from emergency and disasters.

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  • Emergency Medical Services

    Fairfield County EMS

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  • Finance

    The Finance Department maintains the fiscal integrity of the County’s financial records. This Office reports the results of the County’s operations and changes in its financial position to various interested parties, such as state and federal grantors, regulatory agencies, and concerned taxpayers.

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  • Fire Services

    The mission for the Fairfield County Fire Service is to protect the citizens, of Fairfield County by preserving life, property, and promoting fire safety education.

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  • Fire Stations

    Fairfield County Fire Stations

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  • Forfeited Land Commission

    Forfeited Land Commisson

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  • Human Resources

    The Human Resource Department mission is “to provide leadership that fosters the growth and development of all employees through proactive, innovative and quality customer service” that covers all aspects of Human Resources.

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  • Magistrate

    The Fairfield County Magistrate Court strives to treat all persons having business in the court equally and fairly, regardless of race, creed, or stature.

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  • Museum

    The mission of the Fairfield County Museum is to preserve the history of the county through the collection of significant artifacts and interpretation of the personal stories of its citizens.

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  • Probate Court

    The Probate Judge is elected countywide and serves a four-year term. Judge Pamela W. Renwick currently serves as Fairfield County Probate Judge.

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  • Public Works

    Our goal is to provide quality services to the public utilizing the most efficient and effective means and resources available.

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  • Purchasing

    The mission of Fairfield County Procurement Department is to provide professional services to all.

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  • Sheriff’s Office

    It is our mission to provide security and safety to our citizens by serving and protecting the public interests and constitutionally guaranteed liberties to individuals by enforcing the laws and ordinances in this county.

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  • Tax Collector

    The Fairfield County Delinquent Tax Collector’s main function is the collection of delinquent taxes. Those taxes include Real Estate (Land, Buildings, Mobile Homes, etc.), Personal Property (Boats, Motors, etc.)

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  • Transit System

    The Fairfield County Transit System is a department of County Government operating under the authority of the County Administrator. The County operates both a demand response and a deviated fixed route transportation service.

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  • Treasurer

    We strive daily to meet the needs of our taxpayers. We welcome and appreciate any comments or suggestions that may make paying taxes more convenient for you.

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